Research Theme 3

Novel Bioplastic and Biocomposite Products and Applications

Alignment with Partner Organisations: APCO, Plantic, Kimberly-Clark, Qld Gov

Bioplastic and biocomposite alternatives have the potential to replace up to 31% of petroleum- based polymers. Biodegradable plastics and some composites are already widely used in disposable items like packaging, containers, straws, bags and bottles. Additionally, there is significant opportunity for immediate application of bioplastics and biocomposites in environments where collection and recycling of products is near impossible (e.g. agricultural applications, where biodegradable mulch films and encapsulants or coatings for fertilizers and other agrichemicals that are truly biodegradable in on-farm soil environments would not have to be removed and disposed). This research theme will use new and existing bioplastics and biocomposites to develop novel products and applications.