Research Theme 1

Supply chain integration, complemented by system-wide techno-economic assessment

Theme leader: Professor Ian O’Hara

Alignment with Partner Organisations: Qld Govt, Council of the City of Gold Coast

The development of a commercially viable bioplastics industry in Australia requires consideration of the interrelationships between feedstocks, technologies, applications and markets. Each of the bioplastics being developed by the Centre are derived from bioresources, with starch-based plastics being derived from plant-sourced starches, PLA being produced by condensation of lactic acid, and PHA being synthesised biologically from volatile fatty acids as well as a wide range of other carbon sources such as sugars and other carbohydrates. The focus of this research theme is unlocking the true value of these bioresources through developing technologies for utilising by-products from bioresource development, as well as models to direct biomaterial flows.