Entrepreneurial ecosystems in bioplastics

Recruiting now!

Applicants with skills/experience in business, sustainability, and/or social science backgrounds, interdisciplinary interests are encouraged to apply 

Academic Leads: Dr Anna (Anya) Phelan, Dr Severine van Bommel, Prof. Martie-Louise Verreynne and Professor Emeritus Helen Ross

The University of Queensland

Understanding and managing the interface of social impact, green innovation, and entrepreneurship is critical to achieving more inclusive and equitable solutions to plastic pollution. This project will examine how the switch from plastics to bioplastics can be made socially and economically transformative, and how enterprise opportunities in bioplastics can benefit society. Important questions are: how can innovation in bioplastics create positive social impact? What are the unintended consequences? How can enterprise opportunities in bioplastics benefit small to medium enterprises, including in developing countries, and at a community level? How can bioplastics accelerate the shift to sustainable packaging across the value chain?

This project is part of the ‘Effecting Change and Sustainability Assessment’ Theme of the Centre. We are looking for students with business, sustainability, and/or social science backgrounds, interdisciplinary interests, and a passion to make a difference. Candidates must meet UQ PhD entry requirements.